XPG CASTER DDR5 6000 Review

Final thoughts and conclusion


It’s tough to outright recommend or reject this memory. At present the prices are all over the place and I have it on good authority that the current local pricing in 2022, isn’t’ reflective of what you may end up paying at online retail outlets even as soon as two weeks from now. At the time of writing, pricing was changing rapidly so it’s not possible to speak to this memory’s value proposition.


Having said that, we can’t deny the fact that most enthusiasts, gamers or anyone else really who would even know what DDR5 6000 is in the first place is likely to want different IC’s on their system. If only because be it Hynix M-die or A-die there are plenty of examples of users running DDR5 7000+ for their daily computing needs. All at the same 1.5V that would be required for this kit, but with lower timings. As a result, there are those who would be weary of buying the XPG CASTER DDR5 6000 set.


From my perspective I say, buy what works best for your pocket and needs. Ultimately it’ll be difficult for any user to tell the difference between a system using Hynix IC’s at CL32 6000 or this memory at CL34 6400. Synthetic tests may pick it up, but in your everyday use cases, CL34 6400 offers superior performance than you’d get at the default DDR5 5200, regardless of the timings.


Final thoughts on this are reserved until I have final price confirmation, but so far this is a worthwhile kit especially if it can come be bought at an appropriate price.

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