XPG CASTER DDR5 6000 Review

Overclocking and BIOS configuration

You’ve already seen the overclocking performance of the memory as presented in the previous section. Higher DRAM frequencies are most certainly possible with this kit and 6400MT/s is nowhere near the limit of the memory. In fact, I have seen the same ICs reach 7,000MT/s (3500MHz). Confirmation of these ICs ability to reach such frequencies was via the QVL on a GIGABYTE Z690 motherboard, using an XPG Lancer memory kit. That said, since testing and focus of this memory is on the AMD platform, the ability to reach higher frequencies is mostly academic. 6000MT/s remains the sweet spot and while I did record performance gains at 6,400, this was not the case when pushing past this speed, instead overall system performance suffered. On the AMD platform DDR5 6400 or lower is where I would keep it and the XPG CASTER kit is obviously capable of this with ease.



In the video above you can see the BIOS setting and overclocked settings used with this memory to achieve DDR5 6400 on the AMD platform. The video is only for reference and once again, better tuning is possible with enough time vested into sub timings.