XPG CASTER DDR5 6000 Review

Aesthetic and Build Quality

This is always my go to starting place for DRAM, because these days our components are not just measured on their technical merits, but their aesthetic qualities as well. There’s something to be said about great hardware that has the looks to match. It is also here where I believe XPG has not struck gold as they did with their previous kits. In particular the XPG LANCER memory which is nothing short of sublime.  XPG’s CASTER memory has, what seems to be lighter and dare I say cheaper heatsinks, than its stable mate. This and off itself is not an issue and I must stress that there are no cooling issues with this memory. However, it just doesn’t look as elegant, sophisticated or as well built as the XPG Lancer memory. When the DRAM is powered as you can see in the video below, it looks great, but one can’t help but compare it with the XPG LANCER memory and by comparison it is found wanting.



Still, the RGB lighting comes through sufficiently and it does add much needed flare to what would otherwise be a run off the mill DRAM kit among many. The memory is ridged in certain parts which does add to the kit visually and perhaps increases cooling capacity (via increased heatsink surface area), but there’s not much here outside of the generous light bar.












Overall while the DRAM is acceptable visually, I am not moved by the built quality. The DRAM when compared to the XPG LANCER just seems cheaper and more budget orientated. Not a bad thing at all especially in these tough economic times, but it is something you will be aware.