XPG CASTER DDR5 6000 Review

Synthetic Benchmarks continued

Continuing with the synthetic tests we see that once again the XPG Caster’s EXPO profile offers sizeable performance gains. To truly get the best from the memory however, overclocking is the way to go. Adding nearly 1,000 points to the memory score from DDr5 5200 to DDR5 6400.


7-Zip is another benchmark in the Batchmate Suite that is sensitive to DRAM performance. The graph scaling makes the score differences bigger than they should be, but even at DDR5 5200, AMD’s platform offers good if not consistent performance.


HandBrake is the 1st real world test and while we do observe a difference in encoding time. The difference between DDR5 5200 and DDR5 6400 setting is a mere 3 seconds. On the Intel Z690/Z790 platform the difference between such settings would be larger.


Next, are the rendering and 3D Benchmarks