Cougar Havoc BT Wireless Gaming Headset Review

General impressions

At the going price, it’s quite difficult to not be impressed with Cougar has put together here. With the previous set, it was mostly value for money through functionality. Here however, you are getting a sonic performance that’s truly worth the money, before all the added connectivity options. As a complete package I think these are definitely worth the money. Before you think I’m fawning all over these though, the Havoc BT isn’t perfect this is related to the in-line controls and microphone.

For some reason, the headset controls and what I assume to be the Bluetooth compartment are separated. Each of these units hang off one ear bud and of course you’d think this works. However, instead of offering a balanced load on both ears, you’ll find that these are not the same weight so one ear bud can easily pop out if not secured. More than that, having such large pieces of plastic blocks about your neck can get quite annoying. Cougar missed an opportunity to include a clip or two which would help hold these in place. These would prevent the aforementioned popping out of the earbuds.

Bluetooth pairing can be quite frustrating, but that’s because pairing isn’t as obvious. The manual could also communicate the pairing procedure better. I’ll save you the frustration, but basically you hold the volume up and volume down button until it signals you via the built-in light (flashing) that it’s ready to pair. Literally, though these are the only challenges I found with this headset. Short of these, I’ve nothing but praise for the Havoc BT in terms of what is being offered at this price.

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