Cougar Havoc BT Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Package & Presentation

Packaging for the Havoc BT is pretty good. When you lift the front flap the first thing you see are the ear buds which do look rather appealing. That’s all you’ll see though as everything else is inside the box. The box isn’t usable for everyday storage but as with most in-ear headset there’s days, there’s a carry pouch with a zipper, exactly the same one included with the Attila.

Havoc BT package

Much of the packaged contents are the same as what we had in the Attila. So that that’s three sets of foam buds, three sets of silicone rubber ear tips and three sets of ear hooks. For wired use you also get a small 3.5mm audio connector cable all housed within the zip up carry pouch.

Havoc BT accessories

At this price, the presentation and packaging is better than average. Something that seems to be common in all Cougar products I’ve tried recently. It’s nothing to get too excited about, however given the price point Cougar does a better job than other vendors who sell gaming peripherals at double the price.

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