ROG STRIX RX 5500 XT Review


The Radeon RX 5500 XT is the latest of the Navi line of cards I’ve reviewed, but it is also the least powerful. Do not however let that deter you as this is one capable card for 1080P gaming. The ROG STRIX RX 5500 XT features 8GB of memory, a slight overclock (20MHz) on the core and some value added functionality. If it can be found at the right price, this may make for one of the best RX 5500 XTs on the market.

RX 5500

Above is the general performance when averaged over 9 games and a few other synthetic benchmarks. Note that the other numbers are only used for reference, not comparison. As stated previously, this is a solidly 1080P gaming card and it’s specs and performance speak to this. The strongest part about the ROG model is also perhaps it’s weakest aspect. As a result of the advanced PCB, value add features and choice of 8GB of GDDR memory. The ROG STRIX RX 5500 XT may end up costing more than it should given it’s entry level performance. Nonetheless should you be looking in this class of graphics card for whatever reason, you’ll not be disappointed.

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