Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 7200 32GB – Flare and speed

The Kingston Fury Renegade DDR5 7200 Kit is one of Kingston’s most premium DDR5 SKUs on the market. Rated at CL38-44-44 1.45V the memory is capable of far more of course, courtesy of the Hynix A-Die 16Gbit ICs it uses. For those who for some reason do not have motherboards or CPUs which are capable of high frequencies north of DDR5 8000, the Kingston memory is more than capable of operating at CL34 at the same voltage and frequency. As many have seen, the real world performance difference between DDR5¬† 7200 and 8,000 is minimal. With tight timings it could potentially be eliminated entirely. The memory isn’t cheap by any means and that’s perhaps the only downside of the kit. Other than that, it’s certainly worth giving a try, just make sure you have a competent CPU if you are aiming for high speeds. With the right CPU, this memory could be DDR5 9,000 capable.

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