Cougar Havoc BT Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Subjective listening test

If you recall what I had said about the Attila set, you’ll remember that the sonic performance was the weakest part of the entire experience. With the Havoc BT this isn’t so, in fact they sound much regardless of what you’re listening to. The reproduced sound is not as lively as I’d like and in fact can sound dead through some complex passages. That said, the reason this is noticeable is because the entire sonic performance is elevated from the Attila. That’s to say, despite the lack of a fast and punchy low end, they are at their worst, better than what many other headsets offer at their best. When gaming, the sound is significantly better than you’d think giving many of my overhead sets a run for their money.

Havoc BT graphene driver

As before, using the foam ear buds further improves audio quality. That low end that would otherwise lack punch, improves quite noticeably. As such, I’d recommend only ever using the foam buds. The only downside is that they block sound out completely, which may not be desirable in whatever environment. Besides the low-end improvements these buds bring, mid-to high frequency production improves somewhat. They offer a softer roll off on the highs, mitigating what can only be described as harsh at the higher volume settings.

Havoc BT foam buds

Whatever you do, keep these buds safe. The Silicone rubber ones will do the job, but these foam buds help the audio quality quite significantly, so keep them safe and sanitized always.

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