ADATA SU750 512GB SSD Review


As with the previous ADATA drive, the retail price changed throughout the course of this review. What initially started at around $75 USD is now $60 USD. As I said in the beginning the price in South Africa is a bit all over the place because of the massive volatility in the USD exchange rate. As a result, you should be able to get this drive for under R1,500 and ideally R1,400 or so. Pricing here matters greatly as if it goes back up to $75 then its value proposition drops but at this price point it makes quite a compelling case for itself.

My personal recommendation if you’re on a budget is to consider either this 512GB model or even better than 1TB model. Reason being, games are just much bigger than they used to be and the days of each title averaging 25GB are long gone. For instance, even with this 512Gb capacity, installing Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza 4, Metro Exodus and Detroit took up 266GB, which is more than half the drive (476GB formatted). As such I wold lean more towards the 1TB model which offers even better bang for buck at $114 USD. That said, if you’ve no need for multiple titles installed at once or you’ll be using this drive as secondary storage, the ADATA Ultimate SU750 512GB SSD is an easy recommendation.

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