ADATA SU750 512GB SSD Review

Test System and setup

CrystalDiskInfo reporting shows all the relevant information of the drive.

Testing was done on the ROG Rampage VI Encore, which will be reviewed soon.

CPU Intel Core i9 10980XE
Motherboard ROG Rampage VI Encore (0505)
DRAM 4x8GB Corsair DDR4 3466
Primary Storage WD Blue SSD
Power Supply Unit Corsair AX 1500i PSU
Operating System WINDOWS 10 X64 (1909)
Cooling EK Phoenix 360

As with many if not all SSD’s tested performance is always higher with CPU C-states disabled. However, that isn’t the way I would imagine people operate their computers. As such all testing on the SU750 was done under regular conditions with the default C-state settings.

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