Wootware Wootbook Ultra II


So, there we have it, the WootBook Ultra II gaming notebook. Just on specification alone this one is worth paying attention to. Oddly enough it’s not the CPU that’s most impressive but the GPU and display combination. Being able to choose from several refreshed RTX models means this notebook is ready for today and tomorrow’s games. The 15.6” 240Hz display is incredible to work with and ensures tear free game-play regardless of the frame rate. Once you experience 240Hz, it’s hard to go back.

The individual components on this notebook are nothing short of brilliant. The display, GPU, CPU, storage and form factor mean this is a gaming notebook yes, but could be a desktop replacement as well. The use of a mechanical keyboard and a brilliant glass touchpad means using the notebook is a premium experience of sorts. I can’t speak to all the various specifications, but this particular one was certainly faster and more capable than one of the desktops I regularly use.

WootBook Ultra II

The only thing I would change on this notebook, would be the CPU perhaps. Yes, it’s the best in the business (at least Intel side) but I do think the six-core version would be just as fast. Add to which, because of the thermal limits of the chassis, the i7 10875H spends a lot of it’s time unable to reach peak performance.

What does all this cost? For the tested specification you’re looking at R33,700. Depending on your specification requirements however, it can be anything between R30,400 to just under R46,000 for the most tricked out version with an RTX 2070 Super. Whichever configuration you decide upon, you’ll not find anything locally that can match this specification from any of the major vendors. A quick scan on local stores, shows that anything remotely close to the Ultra II specification is over R40,000. So in addition to offering potent performance, it represents amazing value.

I will be doing a video review of this notebook a little later. After more time has been spent with it and it has seen some software updates. As it stands, I can’t say I’ve used a more complete notebook than this one. When it’s firing on all cylinders, the WootBook Ultra II is better than most desktop gaming PCs I come across. Should you be looking to replace your desktop or upgrade your gaming notebook, I’d encourage you to consider the WootBook Ultra II first.

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