Wootware Wootbook Ultra II

Aesthetics & Presentation

There was a time when gaming notebooks used to shout their intended purpose for all to see. From garish colour schemes (Anyone remember the Acer Ferrari notebooks?) to excessive labels and branding. Thankfully the industry has moved past this point for the most part and perhaps in some ways gone to the extreme opposite. The Ultra II is one such example which from most angles doesn’t look special in any way at all. Nothing to suggest that a premium gaming experience lurks beneath save for the RGB Light bar hinting at the power within. This may not be to some peoples’ liking, but I’m partial to the minimalist design.

WootBook Ultra II

As mentioned above, only the RGB light bar at the front edge of the notebook hints at the latent power within. From any other angle its an unassuming notebook when closed. Only the 10th Generation Core sticker and RTX sticker give away it’s gaming credentials. After all, even the most basic of RTX GPUs pack a mighty punch, outperforming mobile GeForce GTX 1080 quite comfortably.

WootBook Ultra II Lightbar

As a result of the monotone black housing, it’s difficult to appreciate how much slimmer this unit is compared to traditional gaming notebooks from a few years ago. Weighing in at just 2.1Kg, the Ultra II is actually lighter than the Acer Nitro (2.4Kg) series notebook I presently use, yet it packs in several times more power, while having a better battery life.

Ultra II fingerpirint magnet

The single downside of this notebook housing is the choice of plastics used. When we talk about a fingerprint magnet, this is what we are talking about. Be it on the back of the display, or where you’d rest your palms. The housing can easily fall prey to greasy fingers and dust. I would implore anyone who plans buying this notebook to exercise care when handling.

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