CORSAIR MP600 Core XT 2TB Review – Mass storage at an affordable price

Corsair MP600 Core XT



CORSAIR has been producing SSDs under the MP series moniker for years. Most of these were and remain high performance drives, but with the MP400 and specifically the MP600 Core series. Corsair is placing affordability as front and centre with the MP600 Core XT, but with that offering reasonable performance for modern systems. While Gen3 drives are the most popular for entry level drives, the CORSAIR MP600 Core XT is a Gen4 alternative meaning it’s able to reach higher theoretical performance under the right conditions.

At just $95 or about R2,600 it is the most affordable 2TB Gen4 drive from CORSAIR, making it per TB, cheaper than the previous ADATA Legend 750 1TB drive I reviewed earlier this month. This also happens to be the drive the MP600 Core XT was put up against in the benchmarks.

One obvious advantage the MP600 Core XT has over the Legend 750 is that it’s Gen4 and as such offers higher sequential read and write speeds of 5GB/s and 4.4GB/s respectively. These figures as usual are not all there is to storage but do highlight what the drive is capable off when utilizing it’s native Gen4 link speed.

Corsair offers other drives in the Core series mainly the GS, NH and PRO models however these costs more and of course offer better performance, at least as far as sequential performance is concerned. For today however we are looking at the entry level model and what it has to offer over and above an aggressive price.