CORSAIR MP600 Core XT 2TB Review – Mass storage at an affordable price


Benchmarks Continued

3DMark Storage Bench is a great benchmark for testing SSDs and here we can see that while the other benchmarks showed a large difference between the two drives, in practical terms they aren’t too far of from each other. The MP600 Core XT offers just 400 points more in this test and in the Battlefield test, loses to the Legend 750.


Copying large folders or files across drives is a common task and one where you can directly see or experience the performance or lack thereof. The difference between the Gen3 Legend 750 and the MP600 Core XT is significantly less than what the synthetic benchmarks would suggest. while the MP600 Core XT is obviously faster, it’s advantage over the Gen3 drive is only 30 seconds. For larger file transfers the advantage would obviously grow in favor of the Corsair drive, but it isn’t often one moving hundreds of gigabytes between folders and drives.