G.SKILL FLARE X5 DDR5 5600 32GB Kit Review

The G.SKILL FLARE X5 DDR5 5600 kit is among the most affordable 32GB DRAM kits on the market, costing less than some 4800 and 5200 memory sets. That said and as per usual with G.SKILL, the 5600 memory has some OC headroom to play with as well. Meaning not only is the kit very affordable, it is also tunable allowing frequencies as high as DDR5 6400 despite the choice of IC.

Wootware has the FLARE X5 DDR5 5600 kit for around R2,149 and for that price it makes a strong case for itself especially if you’re building a budget build. Check out the video for the full review and benchmarks.


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