CORSAIR MP600 Core XT 2TB Review – Mass storage at an affordable price

General Overview and Conclusion


After years of using Corsair MP series SSDs, the Core XT is easily the most affordable, while managing to not be the slowest. The market is saturated with alternatives and for Corsair’s offerings to stand out, they have to do more than just be affordable. This is where the performance comes in, where the drive shows itself as fairly competent. Purchasing the MP600 Core XT over the Legend 750 makes sense for those who are using a Gen4 compatible platform. However, if you’re looking at using this drive in your Gen3 system, it can seem a little expensive, given that the performance advantage brought by the controller and interface would be lost to you.


While I did not show any power consumption or temperature results, it’s worth noting that the drive consumed at most 4.6W during sustained write operations according to HWINFO. Temperatures will vary however, depending on the board you’re using and where the SSD is installed. Located directly beneath the GPU in my testing, I didn’t manage see record temperatures above 39’C which is rather impressive. This however speaks more to the heatsink on the motherboard rather than the drive itself.


Overall, the Corsair MP600 Core XT 2TB is an appealing drive. For general users and mass storage you could do a lot worse than this. The only downside would be when the SLC cache fills, where write performance was as low as 110MB/s. However, that only happened when I was copying a single media folder with 600GB of data. I didn’t expect performance to be this low, but again it is something out of the ordinary that I was doing. For normal use, games, media, etc. one is unlikely to experience such issues.


At a slightly lower price this drive is near perfect as an entry level Gen4 offering. As is, it offers better value than the 750, but that in itself isn’t a high bar to begin with. If you’re in the market for affordable storage with okay performance, you should consider the MP600 Core XT. The 2TB model tested here offers some of the best value for money on the market today.