CORSAIR MP600 Core XT 2TB Review – Mass storage at an affordable price

Benchmarks and Performance Analysis

First in the benchmarks is sequential read/write performance. Compared to the 750 drive, the MP600 Core XT is performing exceptionally well . True to the claimed figures the drive manages just over 5GB/s in read performance 4.4GB/s in write speeds. Each over 1.5GB/s faster than the 750. The MP600 Core XT is twice the price, but also twice the capacity and of course a good deal faster in this test.


In the 4K QD16 results, numbers that are more indicative of system responsiveness and the like, the MP600 Core XT is leaps and bounds superior to the 750 drive, at least where write performance is concerned. The Corsair drive offers over double the performance, but isn’t able to quite match the ADATA SSD when it comes to read performance. The difference here however is negligible, as each drive’s performance is more than adequate for most use cases.


The famed and AS SSD storage benchmark in score indicates that the Corsair drive is twice as fast as the offering from ADATA. Not only is this in the total score, but the component read and write results as well. In the write performance, as indicated by ANVIL IOPS tests, the MP600 Core XT is significantly faster offering a greater than 2X advantage. Just looking at these results, the MP600 Core XT more than justifies its price.


The corsair drive in this test while ahead by a substantial margin, doesn’t quite manage to deliver double the score. Still, it is a large enough margin to make you reconsider your purchasing decision especially if you’ll be using either drive for your main/system drive.