Benchmarks III

Finally, we get to the gaming benchmarks which is what this entire platform is about. Here we can finally see that the Core i5-10600K in combination with the Z490 AORUS PRO-AX can deliver better performance than an untuned Core i9-10900K. Assassin’s creed being a unique case that really thrives on core count. For every other game however, CPU and DRAM clock frequency dictate performance above all else. Truth is you could pair this CPU with any board and these would be the same, but pairing it specifically with the PRO-AX guarantees these results if not better.

3DMark, as with other benchmarks, suggests that a sufficiently high CPU and DRAM frequency could minimize gap between the Ryzen 7 3800X and the Core i5-10600K and PRO-AX combination.

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