ASRock X570 Taichi OC Review

Dry Ice overclocking conclusion

The reason the Dry Ice overclocking was done with the Ryzen 7 3800X instead of the 3600X is because the latter proved to be a lemon of a CPU. That is the board would get stuck on “8d” with any temp lower than -10’C or so. Even when the board was able to POST and boot into windows, the maximum clock frequency was a disappointing 4700MHz, compared to the 5050MHz~ max on the 3800X for some benchmarks. Air overclocking doesn’t tell one anything about what to expect when the CPU is cold and even though I had high hopes for the 3600X, it turned out to be extraordinarily rubbish. If you experience constant “8d” even when the system is at default settings, but made cold, you just may have such a CPU.

That aside, when all the settings were dialed in the performance was fantastic, managing to be quite efficient even with an OS that could do with plenty of cleaning and optimization. All scores can be improved but for a single day of overclocking I’m more than impressed with the ASRock X570 Tachi.

I failed at taking the GPU PI screenshot, so the CPU frequency is hidden. However here is the score anyway.

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