ASRock X570 Taichi OC Review


Overall, I’m quite excited by the ASRock X570 Taichi. If you consider what it can do, it’s ease of use, incredible UEFI and surprisingly low price, it’s quite astonishing. Be it you’re tuning for everyday use or overclocking; it keeps delivering with consistency. At present this is my board of choice without a doubt and is the bar by which I will measure others going forward. Yes you’ll not get the fancy audio, the board may not have that wow factor about it and there isn’t much in the way of value add features. All of that I’m willing to overlook though as what is there is solid and well worth the asking price.

It took a long time to test all of this over the course of two month. So much changed about the motherboard in that time (updates etc.) and getting familiar with the board takes quite a bit of time (why it’s near impossible to do a review of a board in one week). After all that, I think I may have been too hasty with the Editors’ choice award. This is the one that deserves my highest praise and the value award as well. In as far as my X570 experience is concerned, this is the pinnacle. The ASRock X570 Taichi is simply phenomenal. If you’re at all looking for an X570 board, I would strongly suggest you start here.












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