Cougar Attila Gaming Headset Review


In conclusion I have to say I’m fairly satisfied with these as a package. At the going price, they are half the price of the Havoc BT’s (the last time I checked) but aren’t half the headset. Where the Attila are strongest are in their ability to be used on just about any device that can take the 3.5mm mini-jack. Its is one of the few cases where you can use a gaming headset in just about every context.


It seems to never end as this is literally the 3rd item in a row to receive the Value award. For some reason, budget gear is getting better and there’s no finer example than the Cougar Attila gaming headset.

Despite the audio quality compromises, what you’re left with is a set of headphones that are seemingly aware of this and therefor offer you a lot more to make up for it. To that end Cougar has succeeded. If you’re on a tight budget but need a single headset that can service many needs, you may want to take a look at the Cougar Attila. In terms of value, not many if any can match these.




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