Cougar Attila Gaming Headset Review

General impressions

Previously what Cougar brought was functionality, build quality, comfort, and a whole host of things to their products. The same applies here, but the difference is they lean on these various aspects a lot more. What the Attila loses out on in raw audio performance, is made up for in pricing and package.


The Attila gives you two microphones of largely of comparable quality. The difference being the detachable microphone sounds better courtesy of noise cancellation. That said you can use either microphone for your portable audio needs but the inline microphone will be easiest and most convenient of course.

The inline volume controls worked on the two portable devices I tested (smartphone and Hi-Fi audio player). On the PC, however it won’t do much for you. What can happen is that it can sometimes get in the way as there’s no convenient way to clip it to your clothing. I eventually devised a plan of sorts for this, but would have been great had Cougar included a small pin or clip of some kind for this.

Attila in-line remote

I did however find the detachable microphone quite useful and since it can be bent, would simply turn it up to get it out of the way. After a while of using these headphones, the audio quality issue stops being important. You’ll only notice if you switch to the Havoc BT and another headset and more often than not, I ended up just using these as I went about my day.

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