Cougar Attila Gaming Headset Review

Subjective listening test

Here is where the Attila headset is most challenged. The audio is serviceable for sure, but isn’t going to bring any new dimension to your listening experience. The drivers seem to lack that versatility and lend themselves mostly to a subdued listening experience. It lacks any sort of dynamism even though the three main frequency bands are readily audible. These are certainly not for the audiophile, but again, the do an okay and serviceable job for listening to music, podcasts, videos and of course playing games.

Attila drivers

For an improved audio experience, it is most certainly best to use the memory foam ear buds. Rubber ones do no favours for the audio quality. I would also recommend some EQ on the listening device which can go a long way into opening up the sound stage. It takes less than five minutes but can add much needed excitement to the audio experience. One benefits immensely from this and is well worth taking the time to perform.

Attila memory foam buds


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