Cougar Attila Gaming Headset Review

Aesthetics & Build

As always aesthetic merit is subjective, but I must admit I don’t mind how these headphones look. Even though I’d prefer a more understated design. Since these are in-ear they fit virtually anywhere and used everywhere naturally. They are on the gamer side in terms of design, but again it isn’t overdone.


Solid construction, with a symmetrical circular design, it looks serious and demands to be taken as such. Regardless of its sonic abilities, with these aesthetic qualities and high quality (for a gaming headset) finishes you’re mentally prepared for an above average audio experience. Those that would not bother with gaming headsets because of their garish designs should at the least take a second look at these with some serious consideration.


The build materials are perhaps where things could be improved as they certainly do lean on the plastic side of things. I understand this given the retail pricing, but if you care for that sort of things and seeking that weighty feel to your earphones, you’ll not find it here. The construction is largely if not entirely light weight plastic.

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