In as far as entry level X570 boards go, I think the TUF GAMING X570-Plus is arguably the best in the business right now. Again, I checked on all the similarly priced boards and they simply can’t make the cut (at least on paper). Asus which is usually more expensive than all the other vendors, has surprisingly created an entry-level board that is not only usable, but quite a cut above it’s competition. Not only that, they’ve managed to price it at reasonable price, which is quite rare.

Would I have liked to see some additional value add features? Yes of course, but can I live with this board having none of the features? Absolutely. Once this board is dialled in it delivers the goods and is rock stable. It’s quite possible to build a fairly high-end system using the X570-Plus as your base and not have an inferior experience to say, using the STRIX-E or even the Crosshair VIII Hero.

If ASUS is capable of outpacing the competition in value for money, then this should hold true for all their products as well. I personally would like to see that so more people have access to ASUS products, rather than just the well-heeled.

At just under R4,000 / $200 at the time of writing you’re not going to be able to find a better X570 board and I’d put money on that. As a package it’s tough to think of what it’s missing from the top of my head. That means it literally has all the things I need and as mentioned before, overclocking prowess while appreciated isn’t pivotal here. This is an everyday workhorse that can suit all suits of usage scenarios. I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s as close to that as you will get at this price.

If you’ve ever looked for an AM4 board that won’t break the bank but make meaningful use of the X570 chipset. The ASUS TUF-Gaming X570-Plus is the one you want to check out first. As it stands, there simply isn’t a better board at this price point.

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