ASRock Z490 Taichi Review


In closing, what can one say about the ASrock Z490 Taichi? Well, it’s a competent motherboard. On paper it ticks all the right boxes and at face value offers everything you need for a modern gaming rig. That said, I expected a little more than this from ASRock. Just recently I told someone that ASRock overall offers more bang for buck than any other vendor. I stand by this assertion still; however, I’d not use this board to illustrate the point.

The Z490 Taichi can stand head to head with other competing offerings, but it’s against previous Z390 Taichi where the challenge lies. I expected even better memory overclocking from this model than the Z390, yet it turned out to be the opposite. DDR4 4000 brings with it much performance, but consider that with the same memory kit on the Z390 Taichi, 4,266 was easy. There’s no DDR4 4266 official support, mind you, but it works fine with no issue.

The Z490 Taichi is thus a perfectly serviceable board. It does enough to make itself relevant, but little else to make it outstanding like the Z390 before. Still, it remains one of the more affordable Z490 premium offerings. Feature set for feature set, few can match the Z490 Taichi’s pricing. If you’re looking to build a competent gaming rig for the LGA1200 platform without breaking the bank. Give the ASRock Z490 Taichi a look.


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