XPG Hunter DDR4 3000 Memory Review


At just under R750 a stick, it’s hard to complain about the memory. It’s as if the price alone, negates any shortcomings this DRAM has. It’s not perfect and I’m well aware of that, but at this price, it is nit-picking.

The one thing I was told by ADATA directly is that the Hunter memory is mostly for single stick buyers. What I have shown here is two sticks working in tandem rather than the single stick(s) you would buy. I would always encourage the buying of two sticks over one, regardless of the frequency, but it is worth being aware that Hunter DIMMs are single stick solutions. This is perhaps the reason there are some kits, which while rated at lower frequency, come in at about R100 less. I can imagine a dual channel kit would end up dropping the price, somewhat in which case these would be more attractive.

Alas, that is not the reality we are in. As is, for R799 at Titan-Ice or R1,600 for two sticks, you can get yourself better-than-average DRAM sticks. The only thing I would say that may compromise the Hunter kit is the present price of the SPECTRIX D50 modules. For the DDR4 3600 8GB module, it is only a little more per stick, and that is an entirely distinct class of memory – enthusiast grade (I hope to be covering the DDR4 3600 kit soon, if time allows) actually.

Overall, it’s easy to understand why this memory would appeal to many budget gamers and anyone else looking to build a gaming a machine without breaking the bank. The XPG Hunter DDR4 3000 memory represents some of the best value there is in the memory market. For the going price I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised at what XPG has done. If you’re looking or in the market for some high performance memory, why not start here with the XPG Hunter DRAM?




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