XPG Hunter DDR4 3000 Memory Review

WEB: XPG Price: R749 (per stick) | AUTHOR: Neo

2020 is presenting many challenges to us all and gaming is an outlet which we turn to through these trying times. If you’re a PC gamer already or getting into the past-time, there’s never been a better time than now. SSDs, DRAM, competent CPUs and exciting graphics cards are the order of the day. This is where ADATA’s Hunter line of DRAM comes in as it offers some of the best bang for buck DRAM on the market.


XPG Hunter Typhoon

Given the nature of this memory. Let’s skip the waffle and get right into what matters, which are the specifications. This memory is also a reminder that not all ‘Samsung b-die’ is the same. This particular BCRC part seems to not behave like anything more performance orientated. Either way, this isn’t surprising, it is a budget kit and there are certainly worse ICs than these.

As you can see, the 3000MHz SKU is among the best in the lineup, only superseded by the 3200MHz variant. I suspect these are just better binned IC’s but they remain the same ones as found on the 3,000 model as I have here. This is a budget orientated line, if you want the high performance DDR4 kits from XPG, consider their SPECTRIX series, as I previously covered here.

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