GIGABYTE Z790 GAMING X AX – A cheaper ELITE AX perhaps?

The Z790 GAMING X AX from GIGABYTE is essentially the AORUS ELITE AX in a different skin. It comes in at an even more affordable price, making it a worthwhile alternative for those who would rather spend more on other components within their system. That said, the Z790 GAMING X AX does come with a number of changes to help it achieve this price point. Many of them are not major changes, but there are enough to warrant the price differences. The absence of any RGB lighting, and a fewer creature comforts means this is closer to a bare bones motherboard in 2023.

For the performance enthusiast, the changes shouldn’t be too big, However, one did notice some discrepancy when it comes to CPU performance between this model and its stable mate. These are likely caused by firmware differences, so I’d not put too much emphasis on them.¬† That said, there’s more to the GAMING X AX than what I write here, the video review will give more detail on what to expect.

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