The Z90 AORUS ELITE AX is without a doubt the best bang for buck Z790 board money can buy. The competition at the low to mid-range is stiff, however GIGABYTE has managed to deliver an unmatched solution among its peers. The AORUS ELITE AX features WI-FI 6E, BT 5.3, four M.2 Gen4 sockets and a host of other features which make it perfect for gamers on as budget.

Most impressive is the incredible DDR5 memory frequency support. At this price it is the only motherboard which officially supports DDR5 7600. Not only if this support superior to its peers, but it is possible to achieve even higher speeds as revealed in the video review. If one were to build a budget friendly Z790 based gaming machine, the Z790 AORUS Elite AX is the most obvious choice. At under R8,000 or $300, its possible there isn’t’ a better motherboard.¬† An excellent offering from Aorus.

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