GIGABYTE B650E AORUS Master – Best of the B650s?

GIGABYTE‘s B650E AORUS MASTER motherboard is a likely candidate for the most premium B650 motherboard money can buy. It has a ton of features, including four Gen5 M.2 sockets, 16+2+2 Digital VRM power circuitry, DDR5 6600 support and a host of other features, bells and whistles. It remains true to its name as it really is a masterful expression of the B650E chipset. That said, GIGABYTE’s decision to spare not expense resulted into one of the most expensive B650s on the market, at around R9,600 / $390 or thereabout. If you’re looking for a high end board for AMD’s AM5 socket, the B650E Aorus Master is one such board.¬†In the video I detail some of the many features, performance figures and overall impressions of the motherboard. Pricing aside, it is an exceedingly capable motherboard and well worth your attention at the right price.

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