Cougar Surpassion RX Gaming Mouse Review


This is the second time I’ve come away from a Cougar gaming peripheral pleasantly surprised. I can’t speak to the quality of Cougar products in the past but now at the tale end of 2019. I believe that some of the best gaming peripherals to be found on the market are from Cougar.

The Surpassion RX made me aware of a number of inconveniences I had learned to live with. In the same way its wireless nature liberates you from wires, the direct mouse control liberates you from bulky applications. Complete gaming freedom if you will.

A number of leading peripheral brands tout their near instant wireless connectivity, but with the Surpassion RX, it seems to be just one of the features the mouse so happens to have. Simply plug in the dongle, move the switch to the on position and that’s that, the mouse is paired and ready to use. No fancy marketing terms, nothing. Turn it on and start using it.

The Surpassion RX is the most surprising mouse I’ve had the opportunity to use in years. I’m a fan of this mouse and my only wish is that it came in an ambidextrous version as well. That said, for what the RX offers I’ll happily game with my right hand.  There’s really nothing to dislike here and as such the Surpassion RX bags a a well-deserved Gaming Gear and Value Award.

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