Cougar 700K EVO Gaming Keyboard Review


After many years in the hardware and peripherals business, it’s not common one is completely surprised by what is presented to them. When such a thing does happen, it stays with you and this is one such situation with the Cougar 700K Evo. Throughout all of 2019, I think this may be the sleeper hit of the year for me. Strange, thing for an overclocker to say, but it is indeed true. The Cougar 700K Evo is surprisingly good, actually it’s better than it should be at this price.

Right then so that’s the marketing video for you. Doesn’t tell you much outside of the features you can read about on the website. Nonetheless, Cougar has naturally taken a gaming angle with this one because the 700K Evo is fundamentally a MOBA/MMO targeted keyboard. Yes, gaming keyboards are a dime a dozen and differentiation is near impossible. However, there’s more to the 700K Evo than the obvious specifications as virtually all mid to high-end gaming keyboards have RGB lighting, mechanical keys (Cherry MX-red on this model) and macro functionality. Let’s see if the 700K Evo has what it takes to sit among the best in the business.

Interface  2xUSB
Switch  Cherry MX Red
Cable length 1.8m braided cable
Processor Unknown 32-bit processor
Polling rate 1000Hz/1ms
On board memory Yes
Material Aluminium | Plastic
Software Cougar UIX System
Programmable G-Keys 5
Wrist Rest Yes
Audio Pass-through Yes (Stereo out | Mic In)
Microphone Sensitivity -40dB (+/-3dB)
Dimensions 487mm x 250 x 40mm
Weight 1.3Kg (2.86lbs)

Based purely on the spec sheet you’d not think much of the 700K Evo. The above specifications read like many generic entries into this overcrowded market. That being said, it would be a mistake to dismiss the 700K Evo based purely on this.

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