Cougar Surpassion RX Gaming Mouse Review


The big sell with this mouse over and above It’s comfort and performance is it’s software free nature. Everything you need to get the most out of it is contained within the mouse. With just two buttons on either side of the LCD, you can control every aspect of the mouse through a series of click through menu items.

Others may see it as a gimmick, but I find it quite useful as using the mouse between any number of machines is a breeze. All the settings are stored on the mouse, which means you’re ready to go instantly with zero setup time.  The video below is simply me going through all the various menu items within the menu. As you can clearly see, there are plenty of options including control for angle snapping, lift off distance, sampling rates, polling rates and a host of other settings I almost guarantee you I’d never use.

The LCD then is a must have for the mouse and fortunately it’s sharp and more than serviceable even including a battery level indicator. Speaking of which, Cougar claims that the battery life is up to 20 hours, but as always, your own mileage will vary. What I can say is that throughout the entire review process, I only ever charged the mouse fully once. That’s literally once in about two to three weeks. Quite remarkable I would say, given that I’ve used high end mice from respectable brands which needed a recharge within a couple of days.

Surpassion RX with micro-USB

If you don’t care for wireless mice or are partial to the wired kind for whatever reason, you can simply plug the Surpassion RX into your PC using a regular micro-USB cable. This is also the way you’ll be charging the mouse battery. So, in essence you will never have any downtime. You get the best of both worlds with zero drawbacks.

Surpassion RX & Notebook

In as much as I prefer this system over any other, I’d like to see a desktop application. One which would allow saving of profiles to each of the pre-set colours for instance. My assumption is that the mouse already has some memory within, so these settings with specific DPI, polling rates and matching colours could be saved as profiles on the mouse.

I suppose this is but the only down side or part of the mouse rather which can be immediately improved. As sometimes within a particular title you want to change DPI on the fly. With the Surpassion RX you would need to flip the mouse over, scroll through all the various DPI settings, then apply. During frantic action, that may not always be feasible. None the less, in terms of features and control mechanics, the Surpassion RX scores pretty well here. It’s a simple solution that works surprisingly well.

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