Wootware WootBook Ultra Y16 – Slept on gamingLegend!


Wootware’s Wootbook Ultra Y16 is easily the most impressive notebook I’ve tested in ages. The first Wootbook was impressive, but this latest model takes it to the next level. Delivering a better notebook experience than the 1st model in every conceivable way. While specifications may vary, the WootBook Ultra Y16 in the form I received it makes for an incredible gaming and productivity machine. Featuring the latest 8040 series AMD CPUs, it is AI* ready (whatever that means to you), has a brilliant 240Hz IPS 16″ display and is driven by NVIDIA’s latest GeForce RTX laptop GPUs in the GeForce RTX 4070. All this and much more on this model. For more details check out the video review.

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