TUF GAMING Z790 PLUS WIFI – D4 (Cost effective Z790 option)

The ASUS TUF GAMING Z790 PLUS WIFI D4, is likely one of the most affordable solutions where the Z790 platform and 13th Gen Core CPUs are concerned. It takes advantage of all the advantages brought by the Intel Z790 Chipset and add a little more to make a cost effective solution. It comes in around R7,999 and thus makes for a good pairing with the Intel 13th Gen Core i5 13600K. Add some good quality Samsung B-die based DDR4 and you have a potent gaming machine. Easily capable of handling today and tomorrow’s games and applications with ease. Given the generally high price of ASUS hardware, the TUF GAMING Z790 PLUS WIFI D4 is surprisingly affordable. All this and more covered in the motherboard review, check it out and remember to live a like on the video.

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