SAMSUNG Galaxy A34 5G Review

Build Quality and Aesthetics


In terms of build quality and aesthetics, the Samsung GALAXY A34 5G is clearly not a premium device, but it does feel great to the touch. With a typical sleek and modern design, it packs a plastic frame and back which complements its slim profile and curved edges. I’m not a fan of large phones but the A34 is rather comfortable to hold, due in part to its surprising premium look and feel. The device is available in a range of stylish colours, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal style.

The placement of the side buttons is well thought out, making them easily to actuate without the need for excessive force. The fingerprint sensor is conveniently located on bottom half of the glass screen, ensuring quick and secure unlocking. Additionally, the GALAXY A34 5G is IP67 certified, features Gorilla Glass 5 which means it is dust and water-resistant and has a robust screen that should withstand shallow drops, providing peace of mind in case of accidental spills or splashes. That said, one must always recommend a screen protector and case, if only to prevent scuffs and nicks on the body and/or screen.


The advantages of 5G technology in the Samsung GALAXY A34 5G

One of the standout features of the Samsung GALAXY A34 5G is its 5G connectivity. With 5G technology, you can experience blazing-fast download and upload speeds, allowing you to stream high-quality content, download large files, and engage in online gaming without any lag. The GALAXY A34 5G supports both standalone and non-standalone 5G networks, ensuring compatibility with the latest network infrastructure.

5G however isn’t just about speed. It also offers lower latency, which means reduced lag and faster response times. This is especially beneficial for gamers, as it ensures a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Additionally, 5G technology enables seamless multitasking, allowing you to download files in the background while video chatting or streaming content.