Corsair M55 RGB PRO Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair MM250 XL Mousepad

To give it its full name, the MM250 Champion Series Mousepad XL is a mousepad measuring 450mm side to side and 400mm top to bottom. The pad is 5mm thick, and made of closed-cell foam covered in material. Other than the Corsair logo at the bottom right, the pad is completely black. This is, subjectively speaking, a good thing, as the design will complement most setups.

corsair mm250 xl mousepad

Flipping it over, the MM250 has a rubberized bottom with a diagonal wave texture. This means that it shouldn’t slide on even the slipperiest of desks. We tried it on freshly polished wood and glass, and the pad stayed true.

corsair mm250 xl mousepad bottom

Unfortunately, the edges are not stitched and will likely begin to peel with time. I sat picking away at a corner for a few minutes and was unable to separate the layers, so this will likely take a long time. However, stitched edges would mean that it should never be a concern, rather than a concern for the distant future.

The pad is firm enough that even an extremely heavy-handed grip won’t cause a mouse to dig into it at all. Some of the thicker pads we’ve used are quite a bit softer, and a heavy-handed grip causes them to dig in badly. Although firm, the pad doesn’t retain shape, so it flattens instantly when unrolled. Some pads we’ve seen retain their shape and take weeks to flatten after unrolled.

unrolling the corsair mm250 xl mousepad

Movements were smooth and accurate, and we didn’t notice any tracking issues whatsoever. Of course, this is a reflection of both the mouse and mousepad, but we can say that they’re well paired.

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