ASRock Z690 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB4

ASRock has a tradition of putting out some of the best mini-ITX boards on the market and the Z690 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB4 is no different. Aesthetically it is similar to the handsome Z590 model, but of course packs in so much more. Not only is it capable of impressive DDR5 memory frequencies, it has a 10 layer PCB, some of the best power delivery components money can buy, Thunderbolt 4 and that buttery smooth ASRock UEFI.

For the Z690 platform is this my go to mini-ITX board. With the recent update for Intel 13th Gen Core series CPUs, it’s still worth your consideration even now. The ASRock Z690 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB4 is an awesome little board. Find out more about it in the video review.

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