AORUS SSD – NVMe Gen4 SSD Review

WEB: AORUS MSRP: US $259.99 | ZAR 4,249 | AUTHOR: Neo

Just a week ago, I reviewed the Corsair Force MP600 Gen4 NVMe SSD drive and here we are again with another similarly spec’d drive. Or better yet, here is another drive with the exact same specifications or component list rather, the AORUS SSD. Yes, the full name is AORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD, but that’s about as descriptive as AORUS DX12 Gen3 GPU. That said, at the heart of the AORUS SSD is the Phison PS5016-E16 controller, 512MB of DDR4 memory and 96 Layer 3D TLC NAND. This is a configuration we have already seen and will see a lot more of going forward. So, the obvious question then is who can make the most out of it?

Clearly, GIGABYTE believes the AORUS SSD can, despite an identically configuration to the aforementioned Force MP600. The AORUS SSD is genuinely faster, at least in theory it is. I’m unsure why this is the case, but suffice to say, true to GIGABYTE’s claims, the drive hits the magical 5GB/s sequential read throughput and an equally impressive 4,4GB/s sequential write

Capacity 1TB
Controller  PHISON PS5016-E16 | NVMe 1.3
NAND Type Toshiba BiCS4 3D TLC
Interface | Form PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 | M.2 2280
Max seq. Read 5,000MB/s
Max seq. Write 4,400MB/s
Max Random Read 750,000 IOPS
Max Random Write 700,000 IOPS
Endurace 1,800 TBW
Warranty 5 years
Price $259,99 | R4,249

All around stratospheric numbers then. It wasn’t long ago that RAID storage solutions were offering lower numbers than these. If anything, the PCIE 4. 0 specification has allowed drive controllers to stretch out a little. It won’t be long until these numbers as high as they are, become regular. Until then however, this is among the fastest drives on the market and certainly the fastest drive I’ve ever evaluated.

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