ADATA, known to most for their external and USB flash drives, added two drives to its product stack last year, the SC610 and ELITE SE880. These join a host of other drives that have become go to storage options for many, including myself. Over the year’s I’ve used all types of drives from the company from their premium and flagship models such as the older SE800 external drive.

That said, I’ve had solid performance and reliability from all their drives, but unfortunately the newer SC610 which I had high hopes for is the 1st and only disappointing drive to date from ADATA. The reason this must be stated is because I had initially wanted to compare the SE880 ELITE to the SC610. The Elite drive representing the more high-end option while the SC610 is clearly geared to the entry level market. That unfortunately was not meant to be, as by the time this review was due, the SC610 was not capable of writing or copying at more than 10MB/s. As such, I’ll reserve judgement on that drive until later. For now, we shall be looking at the SE880 ELITE.