Lancer Blade DDR5 is the newest line of DRAM modules from XPG. They form part of the Lancer series as the name suggests, but they have little to do with that family of DRAM. The Blade kits come in three SKUS, 5600, 6000 and 6400. Here I have the middle child ,6000 kit rated at CL30-40-40-76 @ 1.35V. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the OC headroom is rather immense. We aren’t setting speed records here, but doing well over DDR5 7,000 is always impressive especially if indeed they come in at the prices XPG is targeting. The XPG Lancer Blade kit could have impressed even more, but as is, makes a strong case for itself. If you’re on a tight budget and want DRAM that’s a little shorter than the regular Lancer series, this may be a viable alternative for you.

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