TheOverclocker Presents – Intel 13th Gen Core Experience

WEB: INTEL| AUTHOR: TheOverclocker


Intel’s 13th Gen Core CPUs along with the matching Z790 Chipset have ushered in a new level of performance previously unavailable on desktop PCs. The addition of more efficient cores, a better chipset, higher clock speeds and more tuning features means this combination is the easiest and most flexible platform to date from Intel. While this 13th Gen Core experience focuses on the Intel Core i9 13900K and the Core i5 13600K, there are many more Raptor-Lake based CPUs in the lineup that offer either incredible value, performance, power consumption, or a combination. As it strands the Intel 13th Gen Core CPUs are the fastest desktop CPUs money can buy and look to remain so for a while. This mini magazine details my experience with the platform in the six months since launch and how Intel’s 13th Gen Core became my favorite tuning platform to date.

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