Talking Smack about Tech Episode #1

Welcome to episode 2 of the series, ‘ Talkin’ Smack About Tech’. Yes it’s technically episode 2, but we count from 0 in computing no? Either way, this week I’m talking more about AMD’s platform against Intel’s performance advantage in this generation of CPUs. More info has come out (including an official acknowledgment of a 6GHz capable 13900KS SKU) and I must say it’s looking better by the day. On the downside we’ve heard and virtually confirmed that INTEL will be charging around 20% more for the CPUs and we should expect a similar price increase for motherboards vs. Z690. Not great news in the least, but we shall have to wait for retail availability to confirm this. Should definitely have some more info for the next episode of ‘Talkin’ Smack About Tech’.

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