T-Dagger ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Using the Keyboard

Typing took a bit of getting used to due to the different feel of the keys, having a tiny amount of friction when actuating a key. Within about half an hour this was no longer an issue, and it was time to start testing typing on the keyboard, where I’m glad to report there were no issues. Key presses were fast and accurate, with 90 word per minute typing not resulting in any errors other than user error. Gaming was a similar story, and the predefined lighting zones were a nice touch here and something I wouldn’t mind finding on more keyboards.

With all control being done through the keyboard itself there is no need for software to be installed to get full functionality of the ESCORT, although software often provides a more intuitive experience. This is especially true when applying custom lighting effects, as lighting up just the letters for example requires almost 30 key presses and there is no undo function should you make a mistake partway through. A mistake means stopping and starting the process from scratch, which can be frustrating.

T-Dagger ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2

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