T-Dagger ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Physical Characteristics

The ESCORT has a 1.5 m long rubberized USB cable which comes wrapped in a Velcro strap. Moving onto the keyboard itself, it’s extremely heavy and well built. One of my favourite tests for a keyboard’s rigidity is to grab it by opposing ends and torque it firmly with a twisting motion along its longest axis. The ESCORT doesn’t disappoint here, giving very little flex and no creaking noises whatsoever.

The backlighting is provided by various colours, with each line being a different colour but no adjustments to said colours possible. From top to bottom, each row is blue, purple, orange, pink and red respectively. Brightness can be adjusted by using the Function key in conjunction with the up and down arrow keys, with five brightness levels offered as well as off. This is more than many keyboards priced several times higher, but of course doesn’t offer RGB control. The lighting was vivid on all colours other than blue, which was difficult to see regardless of ambient lighting.

The Function key combined with the F-keys (F1 through F12) offers a variety of shortcuts including Windows Explorer, Calculator, and media controls. Function combined Inset you can control the backlighting effects, where there are patterns and effects, of which there are nine. The number keys allow for various key combinations to be lit for different types of game, such as FPS, RTS or MOBA. The keyboard also allows for two custom lighting effects, which can be programmed from the keyboard itself. Lastly, there are locks for the Windows key and the entire keyboard. All relevant keys for Function controls are labelled, and the functions are further explained in the very concise manual included in the box.

T-Dagger ESCORT T-TGK303 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 1

Macro keys are sadly absent from the keyboard other than the predefined functions. It’s a pity, as implementation could be done through basic software. There are various applications available to program your own macros to a keyboard, but it would have been nice to see such functionality available out of the box. Many entry level keyboards lack macro keys, so we can’t be too harsh on the ESCORT for its lack thereof.

The keyboard offers n-key rollover for at least ten keys. Testing this, any combination of ten characters resulting in ten characters on the screen. Anti-ghosting is at least partially absent, as was evident by holding down A, S, D and F, and then pressing the up arrow which resulted in ASDF being repeated. Such events were not found in actual use of the keyboard, where no real-world combinations resulted in ghosting. True ghosting, where such a combination might result in a rogue E popping up, was thankfully not an issue with any combination I could come up with.

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