ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI II Review – A genuine hero in search of a cause

The ROG STRIX Z790-E Gaming WIFI is back and this time it’s the updated model (hence Z790-E Gaming WIFI II) with WIFI7 support and a host of other changes that make it better than the original board in every conceivable way. At this point in the Z790 chipset life, many if not most of the bugs have been ironed out. As a result, you get a solid board with predictable behaviour. DRAM OC is supposed to be good as well here with DDR5 8000 certification, but I didn’t do so well there with the chosen Corsair Dominator Titanium memory kit of choice. Nonetheless, stick with the memory on the QVL and you’ll have a butter smooth experience. All this and more in the video review.

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