Test System and Methods

CPU Intel Core i9 9900K @ 5GHz
Motherboard ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE (0602)
DRAM G.SKILL TRIDENT F4 3200 C14 @ 4000MHz C16
Storage WD BLUE 500GB SSD
Power Supply Unit CORSAIR AX1500i
Operating System Windows 10 X64 (1803)
Display Driver FORCEWARE 417.01 WHQL

With the above system, the GTX 1660 can be kept busy as the 9900K proves to be a more than enough to push the GPU to its limits. In as far as peak gaming performance is concerned, such a system would be better paired with the RTX 2080 and perhaps the RTX 2080Ti.Before we get into the benchmarks though it is worth noting that over the course of any hardware’s lifetime.

Performance changes due to driver, operating system, application and firmware updates. These updates may affect performance one way or another (mostly improving it) and as such, several months from now these numbers may not be as relevant as they are today.

This holds true for all reviews of hardware. The important thing here is to look at how the graphics card performs as is, rather than a fixed performance measurement of the graphics card. Add to which, the performance figures here may differ from other reviews. This is down to the different system components, configurations and software settings. They should be within reason of course.

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