COUGAR launches The Screamer-X Microphone

COUGAR, leading brand in the development of PC gaming hardware and peripherals, today announced the launch of the COUGAR SCREAMER-X standalone microphone for the next generation of content creators, video editors, and artists.

 “COUGAR releases the first standalone microphone, Screamer-X, which stands for stepping into not only gaming, but gaming-related industries such as streaming, podcast, or content creation. The microphone combines the features of indoor studio recording, it is the multi-functional PC gadget for every user. Since the WFH is becoming a trend for some regions and wild coverage of 5G territory, just like a webcam, the standalone microphone will become a piece of inevitable equipment for modern users in the post-pandemic generation. It is a privilege to introduce the new product line. I can assure you that Screamer-X’s features are the most integrated and perfect for contemporary applications.”

 Steven Jeng – COUGAR Headsets Director


The Screamer-X is a must have for the next generation of content creators, video editors, and artists. Its multiple microphone omnidirectional modes and easy to use USB plug and play design is tailored for streaming, interview, and instrument recording. Triple large microphones and noise reduction gives you the crisp clarity and contemporary tools for todays multi-task creator.

The Screamer-X equips 3 drivers with large 16mm capsules. The integrated 360-degree capsules construct the different polar patterns for any indoor recording, and drivers are supported and protected by anti-vibration rubbers and thick internal pop-filter. The combination will achieve the finest sound quality without disturbance.

Triple integrated 360-degree high-fidelity capsules receive a clear, mild, and neutral sound. Adjustable patterns accurately respond to the pick-up directions in a wide variety of applications.

Double filters allow you to accurately capture your vocal contents without noise, such as wind, a blast of hard letters, like B’s, P’s, T’s, and so on. Exclusive dampers can mildly undermine the mild low frequency. By switching on NR, Noise Reduction, with orange light, the algorithm will accurately pick up your vocal but filter the environmental noise. By switch the bottom, the RGB base will illuminate your style. A convenient USB 3.0 Hub is designed for extra extension.


Availability, Warranty and Pricing

The COUGAR SCREAMER-X is available for purchase in the USA starting in August. For local availability in international markets as well as up-to-date pricing, feel free to ask our global distributors: where to buy

 The SCREAMER-X is backed by one-year warranty and the COUGAR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

MSPR: $149

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